DOGSDLE Game 🐶 Wordle for puppy lovers

What is dogsdle? Dogsdle is a very fun game for you to discover the hidden puppy. Below we explain what this Wordle-type puzzle game consists of. We will also tell you how to play and if it is necessary to download or you can play dog breeds online. As you may already be thinking, the objective is to discover the mysterious puppy through a series of clues. Do you dare to test your skills? We assure you that it will not disappoint you, and if you succeed you will be able, and only if you succeed, to see today’s funny puppy.

Dogsdle silhouette

A new game inspired by Poeltl and Wordle has been released where people try to guess the breed of the hidden dog of the day, but what are the rules and how to play?

Here you will find how to play wordle dogs

How to play Wordle Dogs?

It is a fun simple pastime where you have to guess a breed of dog. The game is completely free with no need to download or install anything. The word game Wordle Dogs, or Dogsle presents a matrix or grid of results where you can see the progress of your investigations.

This game allows players to come back to play a new game after each day. Keep in mind that if you don’t solve the mystery you won’t be able to see the final great image of the funny dog of the day. So sharpen your wits. In addition, this game will help you learn more about these funny animals in a very simple way.

  • You must guess the breed of the mystery puppy in 8 guesses.
  • Each attempt you must enter by keyboard or select the name of the race you think it is from the drop-down menu.
  • After each attempt, a series of characteristics of the selected puppy will be presented, indicating with colors the similarities with the breed of dog to be found.
  • Yellow color, close feature.
  • Green color, identical feature.
  • All features are displayed in columns in order.
  • You must solve the breed of a dog or word every day.
  • The funniest thing is that there is a secret button where you can see the silhouette of the animal in question.

In the next section we will tell in more detail how to play if you wish. On the other hand, if you have already read the guide or if you already know how to play, you can do it right here. It sure won’t disappoint you. Click right here below if you want to play in full screen.

▶️Play dogsdle game

Dogsdle, as we have indicated, is a very simple game to play, but not so easy to solve.

A button appears in the center where you can see the silhouette or shadow of the dog you are looking for. Below you will have a drop-down where you can enter the breed of the dog that you think it may be using the lower keyboard. By clicking on the drop-down you could select the dog you consider it to be. Then you must press send.

Dogsdle Silhouette
Dogsdle Searchbar
Dogsdle Clues

The game will then show you if the characteristics of the selected dog match those of the hidden dog. This is represented by colored squares. There are several features that will be presented to you such as:

  • Size
  • Mute: if it releases a lot of hair, little or nothing.
  • Care that may need cleaning
  • the type of hair
  • Activity: if it is a breed that requires a lot of exercise or is more sedentary
  • breed longevity
  • ….

At each attempt you must introduce a new breed of dog. After each attempt, each token will change color to show if each characteristic matches that of the hidden dog, if it matches it will be presented with a green color.

Tips to play DOGSDLE

Dogsdle is a game in which you can play only one game per day since every day the challenge is to discover the hidden or mysterious dog. This game is very fun among the youngest, but also among the elderly due to its ease of play. Unlike the original Wordle based on words and letters, this wordle dogs is based on clues in the form of words and the silhouette of the mysterious animal that make it very fun.

In the first place, a very common rule is to find the size of the puppy to discover, so it is advisable to try different breeds that you know their size. Surely they will offer you some additional clue, which will make it much easier for you to find out today’s mystery dog.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is DOGSDLE?

Dogsdle, is a game based on puppies, where you must discover the breed of the hidden puppy knowing its main characteristics. You must solve in eight attempts maximum. Every day there is a hidden puppy to discover.

How many times a day can you play DOGSDLE?

You will only be able to play DOGSDLE once per day as there is only one possible hidden puppy per day to guess in the DOGSLE word game. If you want to play again, you can try incognito mode to play unlimited games in DOGSDLE or also known as wordle DOGs.

What is the object of the game DOGSdle?

To win in DOGSdle you must try to get clues to guess a secret word or animal in 8 attempts and the minimum time. Show your knowledge about the world of dogs and learn with us.

How to play DOGSDLE?

On this page you can play. Simply, you will have to look for the link that will allow you to access the game. Do you dare to play?

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