WordleManga 🍘 The Anime & Manga wordle game

Try WordleManga Game. Who does not know the wordle? is a viral phenomenon that is sweeping the internet network. If you like the world of manga and anime, you can’t stop trying this version of the well-known game. This time we offer you an online version where you can check your knowledge of this discipline as well as challenge your friends. A game only suitable for lovers of manga comics and anime movies.

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Next we will explain what the Spanish WordleManga game consists of and why play toWordleManga. You have this free online game available in case you want to try it, we guarantee you fun!

WordlManga is a game where you can only play one game per day. Once you solve, you can share with your friends to compete against them to see who solves before or with fewer attempts. We assure you that there are really difficult words, do you dare to solve today’s word? Will you be able to solve it in less than 6 attempts? Tell us about your experience.

WordleManga Online Game

What is World Manga Online? This game is very simple to understand its mechanics and easy to play for anyone. The game hides a word that you must solve before consuming all six attempts. The word is made up of five vowel letters and consonants. When you solve the game it will show you the statistics and results of your game in the game and will also allow you to share those results.

The objective is clear, to guess the hidden 5-letter word. This word will vary each day so you can play at any time. The theme is related to the wonderful world of manga as well as short anime, an art created in Japan itself.

How you should play WordleManga online

WordleManga is very simple as we have explained to you. A keyboard will appear where you can enter the word you think it could be and press send. Then the game will show you if the letters of the entered word correspond to any of the hidden word. To do this, it will show the word entered as if they were cards.

Manga Strip

Each attempt must contain a valid 5-letter word from the theme’s set of words. After each attempt, each letter or tile changes color to show if it is a letter that is in the hidden word and is not in the correct position, if it is in the correct position or if it is not contained in the word. hidden word.

When you write your 5 letter word, in each attempt, the game will tell you which letters exist in the word you are looking for and if they are in the correct position they will turn green. And if it exists but is not in the correct position, it will turn yellow.

Recommendations for playing WordleManga

In the first place, a very common rule is to find a word that contains a large number of vowels, since it will make it easier for us to detect the correct one. A possible initial word could be ANIME since it contains 3 vowels. You can also choose a word with common consonants in Japanese words.

Manga Artist

Remember that the secret word can be expressions used in ANIME and MANGA as well as character names, comic or movie names as well as the names of the authors. An ideal game for lovers of this exciting world.

If you have trouble solving today’s puzzle you can always dive into the nets where you will find hidden clues or users who have already solved it.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is Word Manga?

On this page you can play. You simply have to enter the word you think it could be on the keyboard that appears and the game itself will guide you by indicating the correct letters with colors. Do you dare to try?

What is the purpose of the WordleManga game?

To win at WordleManga you must generate as many clues as possible to guess a 5-letter word in 6 tries and the minimum time. Show your knowledge in the manga world and comment on your times, they are sure to be good.

How to play WordManga?

On this page you can play. You simply have to enter the word you think it could be on the keyboard that appears and the game itself will guide you by indicating the correct letters with colors. Do you dare to try?

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